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Being a cub scout is a full-time job. You have to recognize that you are a scout in and out of your troop time. People look at you and often times hold you to a higher standard, because you are a cub scout. You must carry yourself as an upstanding citizen all the time. When your troop assigns a project to you, the bar does not lower. You are expected to create a project that would mirror the way that people see your troop. This can be a lot of pressure when trying to come up with a good project. A good way to help get the project done is to step back, look at the project and just remember that this is fun.

An interesting project would be coming up with creative Boy Scout fundraising ideas. That would solve a couple of issues. It would get you operating funds at the same time you are developing a Cub Scout Group Project.

There are so many cub scouts today that feel an enormous amount of pressure to come up with a great project. They think that they have to save the world, or come up with the cure for AIDS. The thing that is most important to remember is that, this should be fun. You should have fun working on your project, assembling you project, and presenting your project.

You do not need to save every hungry soul in the world. A great place to start would be locally. If you want to help the hungry, you can start a can food drive and then give it to the local food pantry. Maybe you want to help make the world have more plants. Plant a tree in a park, or a church, (with permission of course). Or maybe you want to help the homeless find a home. Work with Habitat for Humanity and ask them what kind of supplies that they are running low on. Then you can go to a hardware store and ask them if they can donate anything that might help Habitat build more houses. Maybe you want people who need glasses who cannot afford them to be able to have a pair. You can set a bin at grocery stores and post a sign as to what you are trying to do. Before you know it the bins will be filled and you would have helped more people than you think possible. Cub Scout projects are a way for young boys to get involved with the community and help out people in need.

These projects were created so that boys can feel a sense of accomplishment not a sense of defeat. There are tons of different projects you might attempt but one of the rules you should consider is making sure the cub scouts do most of the work themselves and not have it done by parents.

Remember that the first step in making the world a better place is to making you a better person. And remember the most important thing: HAVE FUN!

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Cub Scout Projects

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This article was published on 2010/10/10